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Body Wrap

With or without massage
Relax as our trained therapists apply our special body wrap designed to draw toxins and help you to achieve soft, beautiful skin. As the wrap works its magic, our therapists will provide you with a luxurious head massage to help you forget the day’s stress and truly relax. Followed by a vichy shower, all your stress will be washed away leaving you feeling fresh and renewed.


Treatments Duration (minutes) Price
Foot Spa 30 min $ 40
Total Foot Care 60 min $ 100
Mini Facial & Hair Wash 30 min $ 50
Facial Deep Clean 45 min $ 50
Facial Deluxe 60 min $ 70
Body scrub 30 min $ 90
Vichy Package 90 min $ 150
Couple spa/sauna package 90 min $ 150
Couple Deluxe Package 120 min $ 250
Couple Vichy Package 90 min $ 280