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Holiday Calm has been looking after the health and wellness of its clients since 2008. We welcomed the public with just two therapists. More than 15 years on, we now boast a growing team of therapists with advanced qualifications to offer more services and tailored treatments. We take pride in having enriched over 300,000 clients throughout the years and eagerly anticipate enriching many more in the future. With an ever-evolving, loyal client base we aim to keep your wellness at the forefront of our business.

At Holiday Calm we have a range of qualified therapists. These qualifications include, but not limited to;

– Bachelor of Health and science (ongoing)

– Diploma of Remedial Massage

– Certificate IV of Massage Therapy

– Certificate of Pregnancy Massage Practitioner

– Short Courses (Thai Massage, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Relaxation and Lomi Lomi)

– In-house training under an Accredited Massage Therapist

As we always aim to put you with a suitable therapist for your needs, please let our receptionist know if you require a specific type of qualification or style.

We understand that clients may need a customized massage, targeting specific requirements. So please make sure you advise your therapist on what type, style or technique you prefer, so to work out a suitable treatment for you.

Here’s a glimpse into our therapists’expertise:

Amy Le 

My name is Amy , I had studies Diploma of Remedial Massage at Evolve College and a Diploma of Beauty Therapy at Baxter Institute. I’ve been working as a massage and beauty therapist at Holiday Calm for more than 8 years now. During my career, I improve my knowledge and upgraded my skills through Pregnancy Massage, Lomi Lomi and Hot Stone massage training. My first priority during treatment is to provide the best experience to clients by differentially applying relevant types of techniques to different clients in the effort to optimize treatment effects. I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge to clients in order to speed up their post-exercise muscle recovery as well as prevent further muscle fatigue and soreness. To provide the best services and treatment outcomes, Holiday Calm provides a great workplace to therapists where everyone is so helpful, friendly and cares for others.



My name is Thai-Ha

I have started learning and doing Swedish Massage in Switzerland in 2015, following by a short course of theory of human anatomy and physiology to understand in general how does human bodywork. Beginning of 2016, I got trained 2 months for Professional Tradition Thai Massage in Wat Pho Massage School in Thailand where I have learned the fundamentals of Thai Massage Points and Lines for relief of common minor ailments such as muscle sprain, tennis elbow, stiffness of the neck, lower back pains, muscle fatigue and nervous tension. End of 2016, I immigrated to Australia and started an 18-month course of Diploma of Remedial Massage in AIAS (Australia Institute of Applied Science) college in Melbourne campus. This course provided me more knowledge about massage in a clinic. I have learned that patient’s needs are unique, and for that reason, remedial massage techniques have to be selected with clinical expertise and applied in a manner that suits that particular patient. I am proud to be qualified with the Australian massage standards. I am now a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists AAMT (Massage & Myotherapy Australia) and I have my own provider number which benefits my patients to claim my treatment with their private health fund.

I am planning to go further with my study in Myotherapy whenever my time allows me to do so. For the time being, I enjoy very much every day working in Holiday Calm day spa. Since I have started here in 2017, I have never stopped learning from my team. It’s a team of qualified and enthusiastic therapists. Everyone seems pretty busy with their own regular customers but we don’t forget to exchange our skills, techniques and knowledge to make our team stronger.

Yen Linh Nguyen 

My name is Yen, I am in my 20s.

I have been working at Holiday Calm for almost 10years now, this has been my home, my school, my life coach, my family and so much more …for the past 10years!

I had never seen myself growing so much before Holiday Calm. I was a Relaxation massage therapist when I first started working at HC, and slowly with all the supports, sponsors and rewards from my employer I got to travel to Thailand to study at the famous Thai massage school-WATPO for my Diploma Of Thai Massage.

Over the years, With my employer‘s recognition on my interest in Human Body Anatomy and my passion for caring for client’s health, I once again got sponsored to gain a Diploma in Remedial Massage qualification at Evolve College. Now I am looking forward to my next course in Myotherapy where I can expand my knowledge so I can look after clients and getting the best results for their health.

And my favourite part of working at Holiday Calm is working in a Multi-culture team where I get to learn so much from other therapists about their culture and different massage techniques from different countries.

I get to learn and at the same time experience other countries’ massage techniques without actually going there, such as Indian head massage from Josephine, Guasha techniques from Louise from Vietnam, the Ancient Korean massage from Song, Lomilomi – Hawaiian massage style…

I am so grateful to be a part of the team, have all the support and become who I am today!

I hope that with my strong work ethic, clinical skills, positive attitude, energy and enthusiasm, I can provide quality care for your next treatment at Holiday Calm 🙂

Mai Nguyen 

I am Mai. I have worked at HC for around 3 years. For me, HC is not just a working place where I make (good) money but also a second house where I can talk, socialise and share with other staff. They are not only professional at work and I have learned a lot from them, but they are also very nice, friendly and helpful. We share so many special moments together. Moreover, working at HC is a great chance for me to meet a diversity of clients of different ages, genders, nationalities and characteristics. I am always so happy when I could help them with my skills and see their smiles after the massage.

Thanks HC for bringing happiness to my life in Australia.


Mani Kaur  

She has studied Physiotherapy and currently pursuing a Diploma in Remedial Massage at the Australian College of Fitness and Bodywork. Her treatments are customised to each client to reinstate optimal function while enabling and eradicating muscular pains. She possesses great skills in deep tissue massage to help relieve tight muscles, enduring muscle pain and anxiety. She enjoys using a methodical approach to treatment – helping clients to understand the role of each targeted muscle and prevent further injury. She has also worked closely with a range of athletes, including professional footy players and cricket players. She adores working at Holiday Calm and enjoys the company of amazing co-workers where everyone is super helpful, friendly, customer- focussed and accommodating.


She had studied relaxation massage in Vietnam and was trained well at Holiday Calm day spa, after years of working at Holiday Calm, she wants to study Diploma in Remedial Massage in Australia to build up her work at a higher level. Her style is mixed with many different types of massage as she was trained well and always learned new techniques from different sources on her own. She takes care of her clients as her beloved friends and when she does the massage, she truly focuses on what she is doing and listens to the client’s body to know where the tight muscles are and help them to release the tiredness. She also knows well how to work in the service industry, especially in the massage industry ” always treat your clients as best as you can ” and she’d love to work at Holiday Calm day spa with her lovely colleagues as they cheer her up every day working there.


I enjoy doing massage helping my customers to release or get rid of their muscle pains or stresses. We already know that life is up & down, not easy to survive if we don’t have a strong mind to handle things well. However, I found out that being a massage therapist & work for Holiday Calm not only helps me being wealthy in money but also opening up my heart & mind to gain good understandings & emotional feelings in reducing & supporting my customers’ physical issues or anxieties. Everyone has their own plans & goals to strive for getting their success in the future but for me being a useful massage therapist is a special challenging job that can full fill my expectations of gaining well-being myself & getting higher spiritual levels in easing or healing pains of others. You can choose any happiness of what you want to do or who you want to be but being a useful person is very vital; the truth has been proved from one of the famous quotes of Tony Robbins-a famous American author “it’s not how long you live but how you live that’s important”



I am Josephine and am a Sri Lankan presently holding Australian Citizenship.

I count over 20 years of experience in the industry and having overseas exposure as well. I have obtained some of my questions from Thailand and also hold Diplomas for Pregnancy Massage & Remedial Massage obtained from Australia and possess the knowledge of a diversified range of body treatments from eastern to western.

All my treatments are unique to each client that will guarantee relief from being it pain or an ache. I have been employed at Holiday Calm Spa for the period past 09 years and did build up a customer base from all walks of life varying from a standard office worker to a professional sportsman. Through my years at Holiday Calm, my skills in massage therapy have improved dramatically thanks to the diverse and friendly team of professional massage therapists we have. management of Holiday Calm Spa is so friendly and professional that I have made myself at home.



Hi, my name is Song Park and I am from South Korea.

I studied Diploma in fitness and health management in South Korea and worked as a Sports Massage Therapist for various athletes in Seoul.

I have been working at Holiday Calm since May 2016 and was able to complete another Diploma in Remedial Massage at Max Therapy Institute.

For the last 5 years, I have enhanced my knowledge, practical skills as well as communication skills.

I enjoy working with my lovely colleagues and we learn from each other. In addition, our regular customers are super friendly and very kind to all staff.

The management of Holiday Calm is very supportive of staff education and well-being. Holiday Calm offer flexible working arrangements and special discount for all staff.

All in all, I am very proud of working at Holiday Calm and look forward to meeting new colleagues with diverse experience.



Hi, my name is Jii from Thailand.

I have 5 years of working as a massage therapist in Australia, 2 years at Holiday Calm. I have studied Diploma of Remedial Massage in Melbourne. I’ve been working at so many different massage shops in Melbourne and Holiday Calm is the best place to work. As all of my colleagues, they are all experienced and qualified, which allows me to share all different experiences together. This place is super busy all the time but I’m still enjoying good times every day.



My name is Louise, I have joined Holiday Calm team in 2013. I’ve always been interested in holistic treatments and I have participated in a few short courses of therapeutic massage. Since I have to work in Holiday Calm, I found myself very lucky because I have an opportunity to work among a team of enthusiastic and qualified therapists. Particularly, we are a team of friendly and multicultural therapists. We embrace each other’s culture and we share our skills and knowledge within us. Honestly, Holiday Calm is a professional day spa where I have a chance to improve my massage skills and technics every day. As I have improved myself, I became busier and busier with returned customers and achieved a comfortable stable income.


I am Platy. I have been living in Australia since 2008. My background in the massage industry more than 10 years as everyone knows I have been working here for 7 months as a Thai massage therapist. I enjoy working here a lot because I have a chance to meet new people every day and Thank you to the entire team for making me feel happy and good experience working here.


Hi, I’m Perry. I’m a remedial massage therapist at Holiday Calm specialised in remedial massage, especially, neck and shoulder regions, pregnancy and hot stones. To me, I prioritise work ethics, delivering the best service and most comfortable experience I can to any client under my care and staying humble and curious no matter how many years of experience I have. I’m open to client feedback and find in any circumstances there is an opportunity to observe and learn. I’m lucky enough to have worked with a range of clients here at HC including pregnant women, the elderly, the minor and clients having mental health issues. I love working with them as I surely have learned a lot from them and find it as a motivation to work and help people. Kind regards, Perry


I have attended some short courses of advanced relaxation and therapeutic massage. I have been working at many different massage shops in Melbourne before I found Holiday Calm Spa. I am so thankful to be able to work with diverse and lovely colleagues, I have learned and improved my skills day by day.

Honestly, Holiday Calm Spa is the only place that I can work without stress and worry. I am able to help my clients with all my best and being who I am. My happiness is when the customer with a big smile said to me “I feel much better. See you next time Vivian.”


I’m Kim and I am currently a student studying the Bachelor of Clinical Myotherapy, practicing massage in the meantime.

I have been working with Holiday Calm for over 2 years now and have gained vast knowledge and valuable experiences over those years. I joined to gain more hands-on experience with clients and to learn more about the body through practice. Safe to say I have grown a lot in my own confidence and experience to help my clients dealing with musculoskeletal pain. My knowledge of anatomy and trigger-point referrals from studying has aided me greatly in using massage to treat tension and pain.

I have made many good memories and have had amazing interactions with clients working here at Holiday Calm. My gained experience here is priceless and I am grateful to work with such a knowledgeable and experienced team! Most of my technical training is thanks to the staff, as they have taught me well.

I hope to continue learning and developing my skills in massage and manual treatment in order to better treat people with pain.


I started working at HC in early 2018, which was also the time when the spa was awarded as the top 3 favourite spas in Melbourne.

I am fortunate to have great support from colleagues and management since the first days. Now, HC is my second family, where we not only meet everyone every day to exchange experience but also working toward building HC become a great place trusted by customers…

During three years, I provided service to hundreds of customers…I am so much happy that customers are trusted with my skills and quality, also have so many return customers and always booked out as well. I will be continued learning for the better. The job is also the motivation for me to pursue my professional therapy course in the Uni.

I am so happy and welcome you to our spa one day and every day…

See you soon….