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Body Scrub

Body Scrubs rejuvenate your skin, remove dead skin cells and bring a glowing lustre to your skins appearance. Experience happier, healthier, younger looking skin. The body scrub exfoliates hard to reach dead skin and stimulate blood circulation, thus providing a fertile environment for muscle healing and regeneration. The body scrub is designed to help smooth out your skin and help you to shine. A beautiful massage then follows to treat muscles and mind, a truly beautiful treatment!


Treatments Duration (minutes) Price
Foot Spa 30 min $ 40
Total Foot Care 60 min $ 100
Mini Facial 30 min $ 45
Facial Deep Clean 45 min $ 60
Facial Deluxe 60 min $ 75
Body scrub 30 min $ 70
Vichy Package 90 min $ 150
Deluxe Vichy package 120 min $ 190
Couple Deluxe Package 120 min $ 250
Couple Vichy Package 90 min $ 280

Longer times and different packages are available. Please ask our friendly receptionist to tailor your needs.