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Lomi Lomi Massage


This style of massage is based on ancient holistic healing from Hawaii. Focusing specifically on the Kahuna body temple style, we use long flowing strokes running along, across and underneath the body with plenty of oil in a luxurious style that feels like the waves of the ocean.

A truly blissful experience, this sacred and spiritual therapy assists to restore energy —physically, emotionally and mentally. Our specially trained therapists will use rhythm, breathing and movement with full and focused intention to remove blockages, revive the mind and renew the spirit, leaving you truly relaxed.

Lomi lomi and vichy shower
Enjoy the blissful experience of our lomi lomi massage and forget about oil residue with a vichy shower. Our therapists will use our warm vichy shower and soap to massage away the oil, acting as a blissful second massage on our specially designed tables.


Duration (minutes) 30 min 45 min 60 min 75 min 90 min
Lomi Lomi $ 55 $ 70 $ 85 $ 100 $ 115
Lomi with Vichy $ 75 $ 90 $ 105 $ 120 $ 135
BULK BUY $50 off when you buy any 10 hour package

Longer times and different packages are available. Please ask our friendly receptionist to tailor to your needs.